A Step-By-Step Guide: How To Get Customers On Instagram Organically

How My Small design business went from almost closing to Thriving On Instagram

Without being techy or doing paid advertising.

From: Natalie Milo 

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From The Desk Of: Natalie Milo, November 2020

How To Grow A Small Business On Instagram

Look, Instagram is a platform that works on specific logic.

There are clear "rules" that can predict and help get new fans & customers for those who understand it.

But those who don't... will get their post exposure lowered and their posts "hidden" from others.

And it looks a lot like this:

The algorithm will sorta put a curtain over your content and will stop showing it.

Less exposure...
means less engagement,
Less profile views->
Less fans..
.. And inevitably, less inquires for businesses.

But that's not how it has to be:

I was literally forced to learn The Platform's Logic to get customers for my business

I opened my design business.
But the thing was...

That nobody saw my photos.
It felt like I was invisible.

I quickly realized that I have to know how to use the logic that I knew nothing about...
.. to get maximum exposure, REGARDLESS of having beautiful photos.

I decided to learn and understand how the logic works, to help me promote my business.

...But it seemed like it was out of my reach.

I tried to buy fans but that didn't bring me any new business.
All it did was ruin my exposure...

What I would do is come up with a specific way to do things, implement it and hope to see results the next morning.

After a lot of attempts, after contemplating to just find a completely different way to grow my business... I decided to try one last time. (It was like the 5th "one last time" that I told myself)...
I stayed up the whole night trying to figure it out one last time, and found myself sleeping on my computer in the morning.

And the next morning?
It felt like finally something has happened. I woke up to some new people engaging with my posts and got a couple of messages.

But what happened next, is the real story:

Some time after...
My New Fans Started Buying My Logo Design Services

With that growth, I started seeing tens of new people engaging with my posts

I sold each logo for $50...
... and they started selling frequently.
Finally it looked like something consistent was happening.

I decided to deconstruct everything that I've been doing and to keep doing only what brought the best results.

...and then, I just couldn't keep up with the inquiries.
So I raised the price:

I started Selling Each Logo For $149 Because I saw That there was a lot of demand

I thought that selling my logos for $149 would do it.
But apparently, the demand still stayed high and I couldn't keep up. So I've decided to raise the price again. This time, to $300 per logo.

*Please note, this was when I already got a lot new fans using the framework that I built for myself.

My system proved itself over an over again

After seeing how my system proved itself over and over again, I decided that I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn it too.

It took me several months to gather all the knowledge that I had, organise it in an accurate and precise manner as a comprehensive plan for promoting a business on Instagram.

I started with physical seminars where I would charge anything between $500-$2,000 for a 2 hour seminar.

But then I was forced to go online;- and that's why this page exists right now.

It took me several more months to organise the material that would fit and be understandable for online watchers...

And now…
For the first time in the world!
I am excited to present you with:

Insta Boss Academy is a complete system that will take you step by step, and show you how I grew my business consistently. And all that, using only your smartphone:

 From Anywhere In The World

   Using Only A Smartphone

 In A Fun & Easy Way

   Without Doing Paid Advertising

 Even If You're Starting From Zero

  Even If You Have Zero Tech Skills

Here's Just a Little Taste of What You're Getting:

More than 40 lessons that will take you hand-by-hand and show you exactly how to implement every single thing inside:
The course consists of "chewable", 30 minutes a day lessons + implementation.

Module 1: The Fundamentals Of Your Account. Also called: "The Red Carpet".

We'll start from the beginning without assuming any prior knowledge. With that said, even experienced users will discover some goodies in this module.

Here's exactly what you'll discover module 1:

  • Setting (or changing) your profile settings to get maximum exposure
  • Understanding the strategy 101 for your specific business niche
  • A checklist of 3 mistakes to avoid when starting
  • ​The bird's eye view plan

Module 2: Staying Ahead Of Competition. Innovation In A Nutshell

In order to get the best possible outcome, we have to understand how the system works. If we don't - nothing else matters.

Here's exactly what you'll discover module 2:

  • Maximizing post exposure, engagement and captions that draw comments and likes
  • Hashtags masterclass - eliminating the guesswork
  • Engagement groups case study - helps or harms?
  • ​What content to upload, how, when & the magic ratio for success

Module 3: My formula To Get 10K Relevant Fans

The quality of fans you get makes all the difference. Having 100k is nice, but it means nothing for a business. In this module we'll talk about how we get laser targeted fans that buy our product or service. Because in the end of the day we look at sales, not fans.

Here's exactly what you'll discover module 3:

  • The starter: "initial boost" technique
  • Mastering raffles, challenges, influencers & shareable content
  • Supercharged sponsored advertising (optional)
  • ​Deep-dive into marketing strategy & tactics

Module 4: The golden Nuggets

The two places to put 80% of our focus on? Hint: NOT feed.

Here's exactly what you will get access to in this module:

  • The psychology of a buyer on the platform
  • The 3 mistakes that businesses use on their story that you should avoid at any cost
  • ​Turn the platform into a direct sales channel for your business

Module 5: The Story Of Your Business That Makes All The Difference

Stories is where the people are. If your business is not there, you've set up your business in a dark corner behind the mall's entrance where no people see you. But how do you create stories for your business without irritating people? In this module you will learn how to make people buy from your stories, without feeling like they're being sold to.

This is exactly what you will get in this module:

  • The world-class story checklist that is used by influencers
  • The two mistakes to avoid that send your potential customers directly to your competitors
  • How to create stories that engage & sell even without you being in the photo
  • ​A  framework to help make your stories engaging and help your followers to eagerly wait for your next one

But That's Not All. Only If You Enroll Today You Will Also Get 3 Exclusive Bonuses:

Free Bonus Module: Case study. How I Got My First 15K Fans

In this module I want to take you on a little journey. 
Imagine: You're sitting behind my shoulder, watching everything with no filters. You are seeing exactly what I do step by step. 

And it gets better. I will also explain what I do at every step. You can copy-paste exactly what I do.

Here's exactly what's inside:

  • The secret bi-product method  to how I got 6K fans out of the first 14K with a completely different technique
  • A behind-the-shoulder video that literally shows exactly where I click. It's that specific
  • The 3 mistakes that I made in the beginning that prevented me from having 20K fans instead of the 15K. Don't make those mistakes
  • ​The new feature that would have helped me grow faster

Value: $347
Yours: FREE

Normal Price is: $997

But that is not the price that you will be paying today!

Even though you can agree with me that it's worth a lot more...

And yet,
I want to give you a one time offer.

But you have to hurry...
For a limited time only:



Today Only $97
If you hit the button and see the price went back to $997, it means we
reached our goal and the program is back to it's original price.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy with Instaboss Academy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll refund your payment. All you have to do is send an email to Support@instaboss-academy.com and you’ll get all your money back. So you don’t have to make the final decision right now. Just sign up now to lock in this deal, see if you like the course, and then make your final decision.

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 "InstaBoss" Program?

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If You're Asking Yourself…
Are these face-to-face meetings? I don’t want anyone to know I bought the classes.
No, these are not face-to-face meetings. These are fascinating and interesting video classes.
Is my information confidential?
 No one will know that you took interest in the classes and your information will not be delivered to anyone.
Does the course have an expiration date?
As soon as you register for the Insta Boss, you will get immediate lifelong access to all course materials. One Time Purchase.
Unlimited Access Forever.
What happens if I get stuck in the course and have questions?
The InstaBoss Program is built as an organized and understandable program.
If you still run into something that you do not understand, don’t worry – 
As a student of the Insta Boss, you can send me a email and i will help you :) 
How fast will I be getting the program in my e-mail after making payment?
After making the secured payment, the program will be in your e-mail within seconds or minutes. You would be able to start immediately.
I paid for the program, but I can’t find it in my e-mail. Who can help me?
Sometimes the message ends up in your Promotions or Spam tabs, search for it there or simply send me a message to my personal e-mail and I’ll send it directly to you
I don't want to expose myself online. Can I still succeed?
100% yes. I have students who have pages that got to 30K fans, without a single photo of themselves.

You've probably seen pages like that with hundreds of thousands of fans. They're called "niche pages" where you just give value visually and therefore don't have to post your own photos.
What happens if the course becomes dated?
The course is being updated all the time. I use all the content in the course for my own business as well. So when something changes, I figure it out and instantly update inside the members area.
Will anyone get my information?
Not at all. The purchase is done discretely. I will never know your identity unless you send me a personal e-mail,
and I will not forward your details to anybody.
Seriously now, is this the price for the whole program?
It is for now, but only for now.
The price will go up and you will not be able to register for the same price you’re seeing right now.
And I would be able to access it from my smartphone or tablet?
100% yes. The member site is very user-friendly with desktop computers, laptops, and smartphones and tablets of all kinds.
Are You Ready To Move Forward?

InstaBoss price is:

Normally $997

Today Only $97
Thank you, see you soon :)
For inquiries, send me an email: support@instaboss-academy.com
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